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the theatre 

 concept narrative

Our story begins within the Mojave Desert, a perpetually vast, necessarily nomadic, landscape. A wild place of extremes, unpredictability, sun dogs and mirages.

Unlike any other, our venue is deeply rooted to its surroundings, a collision of Volumetric Voids juxtapose among the natural undulations of the desert. The Drew Theatre is the ultimate Las Vegas Venue as it is articulated through a rhythm of asymmetrical faceted geometries. Though monolithic, each detail is addressed with precision. Tectonically defying the norms of level changes, a push and pull of volume and void alter your perspective as you have never experienced before.

Are you ready?

Toeing the line between spectrums, our muse positions herself as the host of the venue.  Call her The Liminal Alchemist. A chemist specializing in minerals, she is searching for the ever elusive universal elixir with transmutative repercussions of beauty. Alluring and magnetic, she pulls you with her sophisticated and mischievous nature. She invites you to experience blurred boundaries through the lens of her perennial/timeless retro-future world; embodying the time in between what was and what is to be. A seemingly magical process, she leads you through a rite of passage to a higher sense of self fulfillment.

You are invited:

Dancing through space, The Liminal Alchemist has orchestrated this evening’s performance of The Desert Acid Ballet through a psychedelia journey of illusions and lucidity. Without fully conforming to the natural palette of the desert surroundings, elements of over-saturated colors shape a much more vivid coloration to accentuate this memorable event. A nod to the Bauhaus ballet, her event informs the distortion of forms, filling in the gaps of perception. This experience will blend your senses altering your perception while drenching the mundane with deep meaning and perception. 

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